AVAST Cloud Care

AVG Cloudcare provides complete protection for your business or individual computers. It provides all of the standard protection you expect from a traditional Antivirus Program but with added benefits of managability from a central internet portal with subscription based payments so you only pay for what you need and your license will never expire as long as your subscribed.

This can either be managed by yourself (unmanaged) or by us (managed). As an AVG partner we provide everything you need to manage your Cloudcare system.




Anti Virus
Protect your computer with the award-winning AVG Antivirus protection delivered and managed in the cloud so you can view all your PCs and devices in one easy-to-use dashboard


THK_Content_FilteringContent Filtering
The AVG Content Filtering Service helps keep employees and kids safe when online and utilizes access management to ensure that their internet use is on your terms.



Online Backup
Store copies of your data in secure data centers to minimize the impact of when your data becomes lost or corrupted.



Email Security
Enjoy a secure and productive email service by blocking malicious, email-borne content and spam before it reaches your inbox.



Benefits of AVAST CloudCare

  • No Activation Keys – All licensing is managed through the online portal.
  • Push Installation – Install Anti-Virus and Content Filtering directly from the online portal.
  • Alerts – Customization, alerts notify you when a PC needs attention. Whether from not running a scan in a set period of time or a security threat has been detected.
  • Reporting – Generate reports on the status of all your devices.
  • Customizable Security Profiles – Set security policies once and assign to all or groups of PCs.
  • Remote Management – Push updates, manually run scans, restart and shutdown PCs directly from the portal.
  • No Long-Term Contracts – Pay as you go monthly pricing plans available.

Support Options

If you need assistance please feel free give us a call or put in a service request,

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