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ThinkEzIT model is a modern, solution oriented and cost effective approach to providing fully managed IT support services for small to mid-market businesses and organizations. As your fully dedicated IT support department we are 100% focused on creating a normalized state of the art IT infrastructure that can be proactively managed allowing us to attack issues before they can impact your business and preventing downtime.


What Makes Managed IT Services Cost-Effective?


Our proactive and solution oriented approach to IT service prevents you from finding out there is a problem in the first place. We are delivering excellent services to our customers, including remote network support, desktop and security monitoring, patch management and remote data back-up.


Monitor, Remediate and Restore 
Bare Metal Restore 
Local Virtualization 
Cloud Virtualization 
ctive Directory and ExchangeY
Security and Distribution Group ManagementY
Printer and File Sharing Permission ManagementY
SPAM FilteringY
Password Updates
Email Account Setup 
Active Sync
Support up to, and through the OS 
Remote Desktop Access
Monitored and secured Hosted Exchange or O365
Google Work Spaces
Access to mailbox, calendar, contacts, notes and tasks 
Full support including moves/add/changes
Monitor, Remediate and Restore 
Bare Metal Restore 
Local Virtualization 
Cloud Virtualization

As your business grows, so do your network and infrastructure needs. Here at ThinkEzIT, we can help. We can evaluate your current network and see what needs to be done to make it faster.  Sometimes, it’s as simple as a changing your ISP or upgrading outdated equipment. If you’re moving into a new office and are looking to have a new network put in, our team can help. We’ll get you the proper internet connection, storage, servers, phone systems, and security features your business needs.

Next Gen Firewalls & Security

How secure is our backup?

When our client backs up your data it secures it using AES-256 ‘military grade’ encryption,from then onward your data is encrypted at all points of the backup journey – from transit to our vauladation finally at ‘rest’ in our storage. The only stage that your information is decrypted is when you need a restore.