Device as a Service

Better than leasing. Better than buying.

As your company transitions into becoming more focused on the digital workplace, the old model of buying or leasing IT equipment is no longer flexible.

The average organization loses about 9% of devices when buying or leasing. The cost of losing these devices can equal 21% of the original costs! With DaaS (Data as a Service), you get real asset management, so you can always see what’s in your inventory.

DaaS provides businesses greater flexibility and lower total cost of ownership. By moving device purchases from capital expenditures to operational expenditures, you get greater visibility into your IT budget.



At ThinkEzIT, we’ll meet with you to discover what you currently need and from there, we’ll design a package that will best meet your computing needs.

Managed Services

Choose from a wide range of our managed services for coverage, protection, and support that’ll help your business increase user uptime and satisfaction.


Save time and increase your organization’s productivity when ThinkEzIT custom configures your devices to your specific needs and specifications.

Simplified Life Cycle

Our plans are set up so that when it’s time to replace your technology, we simply cycle out the old computers and put in the new ones, all the while keeping your costs down and your productivity up.


We get your employees up and running quickly with delivery, staging, installation, and device set-up, all the while reducing down time. We do it all, so you can focus on your business.

Cost Saving

Control IT costs with a predictable monthly price, giving you the flexibility to scale up or scale down based on your workplace needs.

Control your total cost of device ownership with the ease of life cycle management from ThinkEzIT.
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