Backup and Disaster Recovery

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Reliable data backups and disaster data recovery.

What is Data Backup?

Data backup refers to data copying from a primary location to a secondary one to protect it from malicious actions, accidents, and disasters resulting in data loss.

Data is the lifeblood of organizations, so losing it can cause massive, and sometimes irreparable, damage and disrupt business operations. Hence, a backup plan is critical for all businesses. Backup data includes documents, configuration files, operating systems, media files, registry files, and machine images.

Why are Managed Backups important?.

Today’s increasingly digitized business landscape makes data backup vital for the survival of organizations. Without data backup and storage, an organization can get ransomed or hacked and lose its data to thieves who end up selling its trade secrets to the highest bidders.

For example, malware injected into a company’s systems can corrupt its hard-earned information. Alternatively, disgruntled employees and other insider threats can delete valuable digital assets. Organizations must be able to recover from such data loss, hence the need for Managed backups help with disaster recovery.

Onsite and Offsite Backups

With our  hybried aproach to data backup we make it easy to recover your data. We backup up all your computers to a local NAS powered by synology, and we also, back that same data securely to the cloud. If somthing were to happy to your local storage we are able to retive your files, folders and other important data from the cloud. If your employees are travling we also, have the ability to back up your remote workers important data as well. 


The ins and outs of data backup, protection, and recovery are complex. With Managed Data Backup, you have access to local experts who have experience in navigating proper back up and restores.


Managed Data Backup empowers businesses to take control of their data recovery plan and protects your sensitive information from disasters, hackers, and everyday human error.


Industry such as medical, accounting  are required to guard sensitive records and personal information in their technology systems our team can assist you with this. 


If your data is ever compromised, our Data Backup team responds immediately and works until your business is back up and running.


Data has become a business’s most valuable resource. The possibility of losing data and the dangers of hacking is a valid concern today. Knowing your sensitive information is secure and protected can bring you peace of mind with cyberattacks on the rise.