We offer a wide verity of Networking services for both residential and business customers. If your looking for better wireless coverage, data back up or a secure VPN solution we can help. 


GOT CAPTIVE PORTAL? yea we do that!
A Captive portal is a Web page that the user of a public-access network is obliged to view and interact with before access is granted. Captive portals are typically used by business centers, airports, hotel lobbies, coffee shops, and other venues that offer free Wi-Fi hot spots for Internet users.

  • On-Site Diagnosing problems with your network
  • Designing networks
  • Local (LAN)and Wide Area Network (WAN) design and implementation
  • Network Virus Cleanup
  • Network Virus Protection
  • Wireless Security
  • Network Security Analysis
  • Workstation Installation and Upgrades

  • Network File Server Installation and Upgrades
  • Network Server Repair.
  • Network Server Operating System Install.
  • Network Printer Setup..
  • Wireless Networking.
  • Security, firewall & protection against future attacks & viruses.
  • Data backup & data transfer.



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