Business Wireless Solutions

We offer a wide range of Business indoor and outdoor wireless solutions. We have worked with fortune 500 business implementing Hospitality Secure Guest WiFi solutions. Also, we offer outdoor Wireless solutions everything from needing to get coverage outside for your guest or employee to use, all the way to interconnection your buildings by setting up a Point To Point connection allowing you to be on your own secure WAN and providing internet to your employees or guest at the remote locations. Get some ROI back on your wifi with the new Facebook WiFi solutions. 

Network Design Implementation

As your business grows so do your network and infrastructure needs. Here at ThinkEzIT, we can help. We can evaluate your current network to see what would need to be done to make it faster, sometimes it as simple as a speed upgrade with your ISP or change of ISP, or it could be that your equipment is a little outdated and needs to be upgraded. If your moving into a new office and are looking to have a new network put in our team can help you from start to finish with everything from getting you the proper internet connection, storage, servers. phone systems and security. 

Network Security Load Balancing

When you run a business is imperative to have the proper a solid firewall between your business and the outside world. We design and implement custom solutions because not every business needs are the same. Also, with that being said if we lose our connection to the internet it can be frustrating and can hurt productivity, we offer LTE failover and other Loadbalcing solutions to keep your business up and running smoothly.