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DEC 2021 News Letter

One of the most significant information technology expenses for any business is the hardware that they need to operate their business. At ThinkEzIT, one of our core missions is to always deliver solutions that meet your needs and make your budgeting easier. We are always looking for strategies that are cost effective and enhance your workplace at the same time. This attitude is one of the reasons that we offer Hardware as a Service (HaaS).


Hardware as a Service is a subscription service model where a business can rent equipment from us and pay a monthly fee. This hardware can include Routers, Firewalls, Switches and Access Points.


Another Large Project Completed by ThinkEz IT
We are happy to announce that the Wifi6 Project for the James Gettys Hotel (Now the Union Hotel) is now completed.
We put them into production last Friday. We like to thank the new owners of the Hotel for choosing us and putting their faith into our solutions. We also, like to thank the team over at Fiber Guyz for all their hard work on getting the cabling installed with out disturbing the aesthetic look of this beautiful building. This was a huge project, and we are very proud of our team knocking this one out of the park.


ThinkEzIT is offering a Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Get your free security assessment. With small business at one of the highest risks we are offering a free 10-day security evaluation. This is designed to show businesses ware their weaknesses are. This is normally a 1,000 dollar we care about your business even if you’re not a client it’s a great way to get an idea where you stand, we will go over the report with you and its yours to keep at no cost even if you. If you like to learn more click the read more button.

   We represent ALL nationwide business phone & internet service providers across the United States. Our team makes it easy to get new phones or internet services, we save you time by doing the site survey, gathering all the information to generate a quote. By going though, us we can negotiate the pricing and talk to the service providers directly on your behalf. We do this all for free as you do not pay us for our time as we get paid by the providers for all the sales. We have saved a lot of business a lot of money and time through our internet and phone services.


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