We know UN-hooking computers and lugging them into the shop can be a pain. Here at ThinkEz IT we understand that and have created a free service that saves you from having to do that. We offer free pickup and drop off your desktops, laptops .  No more having to lug your equipment into computer shop to get repaired. This service is free up to 8 miles from our location. 


  • To get started give us a call to schedule your pick.
  • No need to disconnect anything we can do that for you.
  • We will bring it back to our office to work on the issues and resolve them.
  • We will bring your device back to you and hook it back up and have you test it to make sure we have resolved your issues.
  • This service is free up to 15 mile radius. If you or your business is out side of that it a 25.00 pick up fee.

 Diagnostic fee only $19.99 waved if work is done by us. 

We also, at no additional cost will always physically clean up your computer from dust and dirt that can cause issues down the road if not cleaned up.

Before Cleaning                                                                        After Cleaning



Support Options

If you need assistance please feel free give us a call or put in a service request,

717-977-5730 Schedule Service