ThinkEzIT Projects & Support

Running a business is hard enough. ThinkEzIT offers end-to-end deployment solutions for a wide range of IT projects. Whether it’s a complete Windows 10 migration, a new phone role out, structured cabling installation, or office moves, we’ll be here to guide you through all of it.

Do you have a client in our area and need to get boots on the ground to get them taken care of? We work with other MSP and IT providers and vendors to provide onsite and remote support for their clients. We also provide remote assistance and short term contracting,

How it works?

  • We meet with clients or vendors to see what they’d like to have done.
  • We work with our team to create an action plan.
  • We put together a scope of work (SOW).
  • We start working on the project as soon as the client is ready.

We do not accept work off of platforms such as Field Nation, WorkMarket, or OnForce.

Here at ThinkEzIT, we focus on your projects, so you can focus on your business. It’s just another way ThinkEzIT  manges your digital life. Call today.