How can we help ?

Using our remote services could not be easier, we remote into your computer securely and work on your issue. A lot of computer issues are easily resolved over a simple remote session and does not require a technician to come on site or having to drag your computer into a computer shop. Your secure remote session is fully interactive.

Virus & Malware Removal


We perform a full and thorough malware/virus removal on any infected computers and ensure that the system is fully clean and secure.

PC Tune up & Trouble Shooting


our computer requires basic preventative maintenance. Our computer tune-up will ensure that your system is running as fast and efficiently as possible.

Networking & Wireless Support


Networking is becoming a necessity. However, networking devices, such as routers, can quickly become complex. Our support team can solve the issues that you encounter.

Training & Guidance


Do you need a question answered, or to be shown how to do something on your device? Our team is available and ready to provide training, support, and guidance.

Printers & Malfunctions


Setting up your printer is easy with ThinkEzIT,
We can install and configure your printer and set up your accompanying software suits. If your printer is a network printer we can get it set up so your family or employee can print. .

Apple Support


Since Mac OS is different than other operating systems, it requires a different set of expertise. Our team is well versed in all facets of Mac OS X 10.5 and higher.

In order to start a session “Click Here”


By allowing ThinkEzIT support personnel will have access to your files and control of your computer.
For your own safety and understanding, ThinkEzIT recommends you remain near the computer to observe the processes being performed in an attempt to resolve your issue. ThinkEzIT strongly suggests that you close out of anything that is not related to this support session.
We require a credit card before we can start working on your issue. Unless other payment agreements have been made.


In order to start your session, please
1. Contact Support 1-877-484-6563
2. Scheduled a time slot
3. Sit back relax and let us fix your issue