Why the Cloud?

Why Microsoft Azure and ThinkEzIT?

Secure: More than $1B in security R&D investments and over 3,500 cyber security experts are on Azure’s side to keep organizations’ data completely secure.

Reliable: 93% of Fortune 500 companies are already in Azure, including all of Office 365. Why not you ?

Compliant: Whether users are in the Legal, Healthcare, Hospitality, Finance, or something else, Azure has over 90 compliance offerings available.

Global Accessibility: Azure’s 54 global regions, users can access their desktops and data from anywhere in the word, quickly and
easily, with any internet connected device.

Why the Cloud?
Financial Benefits

  • Reduce and flatten costs with operational expense, operational (OpEx) model
  • Eliminate the need for expensive hardware upgrades and in- house server rooms
  • Simplify IT spend with a single solution
  • Predict costs well ahead of time based on capacity
  • Easily adjust usage based on organizational needs, so costs and revenue are in alignment

Why Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)?

True Windows 10 VDI offers users who are accustomed to the Windows 10 desktop operating system a better and more familiar experience,
making the transition to WVD quick and simple.

Lower CostCompared to Citrix and RDS, savings will be between $15 to $25 per seat on licensing alone,
plus any additional savings due to managing less Infrastructure.

Made to Run in Azure Windows 10 multi-session allows for multiple concurrent sessions and is only available in Azure. This new technology is not available on-premises, in AWS, GCP, or private cloud.

There are several advantages to moving to the cloud, including reduced hardware costs, reliability, scalability, reduced energy costs, and improved security.
Cloud services are just another way ThinkEzIT helps you manage your digital presence!

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