Reliable Data Backups & Disaster Data Recovery

What is Data Backup?
Data backup is the process of copying data from a primary location to a secondary location in order to protect it from malicious activities, accidents, and disasters that may lead to data loss. Data is essential to the operations of organizations, and losing it can cause significant and often irreparable damage to a business. Therefore, having a backup plan is crucial for all businesses. The data that is backed up may include a variety of types, such as documents, configuration files, operating systems, media files, registry files, and machine images.

Why are Managed Backups important?.
In today’s increasingly digital business landscape, data backup is critical for the survival of organizations. Without proper backup and storage measures in place, organizations are vulnerable to cyberattacks, ransomware, and data theft. Malware injected into a company’s systems can corrupt valuable information, while insider threats such as disgruntled employees can intentionally delete digital assets. In order to recover from such data loss, organizations require managed backup solutions to aid in disaster recovery.

Onsite and Offsite Backups
Our hybrid approach to data backup ensures that you can easily recover your data in case of any mishap. We provide a comprehensive solution by backing up all your computers to a local NAS powered by Synology, while also securely backing up the same data to the cloud. This way, if anything happens to your local storage, we can retrieve your files, folders, and other essential data from the cloud. Additionally, if your employees are traveling or working remotely, we offer the ability to back up their important data as well, ensuring complete data protection regardless of location.